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So you have a budding career and a growing family: you have a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. The only problem that you have is living in a cramped living space with no allowance for leisure and play, and isn’t even near where you work. You might even be a competent, working individual hoping to invest in property and buy her first home.

Thinking of the sprawl in Tagaytay or Cavite, far away from city life? It’s too far away from the city center. It’s beautiful, but it’s also too small. How about the city? You’ll have to pay the price for living in urban centers and central business districts. With no option in the middle, who can you trust?

Thank goodness for DMCI Homes, who build cocoons of good living.

A History of Building Homes
D.M. Consunji, Inc. has a long history with constructing these cocoons of good living. With almost 60 years of experience in the construction and development industry, D.M. Consunji, Inc. and DMCI Homes have been committed to building communities for real living.

Of course, with your growing family, you deserve better than your common bungalow. Trust the experience of DMCI Homes, because each of their developments is built with global craftsmanship standards. With innovations like the Lumiventt Design Technology and the DMCI Homes Quality Seal, you had better be prepared to leave your one-story and move in to a classy mid or high-rise in the cities, or a placid DMCI Homes subdivision away from the Metro.

It's not difficult to imagine DMCI Homes as the builder who saw land on the edge of the city, bought it, and developed it. We knew that someday, the fringe would be part of the metropolis. We built homes for the middle manager, his family, his realities, his needs, and dreams. Combined with partners who shared our passion for building and who had the expertise to make things happen, DMCI Homes built mid-rise and high-rise havens that families and working individuals could call home. All from the knowledge of building skyscrapers. DMCI Homes uses the best materials and fine finishing, and are sold at buyer-friendly prices. Despite this, one can be assured of quality and modern living.

Because You Deserve a Real Community
The everyday Filipino deserves better: a real home, accessible to places of work, near schools, and centers of leisure and communities. DMCI Homes residential communities are near major business and commercial centers. You can find them near Makati, Ortigas, and the Bonifacio Global City. So, for the worried dad-to-be, you’re assured that you can enjoy modern living at its best. The communities are situated with the vicinity of schools (for the baby on the way), hospitals (for the safety of his family), malls (for playtime and rest from work), and from government offices (for tasks and errands). For the working person, you’re assured that living will be hassle-free and convenient. You might probably be thinking of buying a car or having friends over! Don’t worry. DMCI Homes residential communities are easily accessible by public transportation.

Apart from these, you and your family can experience resort living. DMCI Homes residential communities has clubhouses with view decks, function rooms, bars, and KTV rooms. Feeling quite neighborly? Spend time with neighbors and meet new friends in adult and kiddie swimming pools, basketball and badminton courts, parks, playgrounds, and jogging and biking paths. You can even attend community events and gatherings in the clubhouse like Family Days, sports fests, and Christmas parties!

You and your family can find respite from the daily hassles of work and the urban jungle.

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The Best Experience for Residents
DMCI Homes residential communities are built to contain only a limited number of housing units. Here’s the real kicker: all DMCI Homes communities are exclusive. You do not only get to live in a mid-rise condo (or in other cases, a subdivision), but you’ll have corridors which open up to garden spaces or atriums instead of a neighboring door. Experience beauty with the unobstructed entry of natural lighting and constant ventilation. As a medium-density development community, be assured that you and your family will have privacy. Isn’t that great? And, every DMCI Homes community has been designed to maintain a 60:40 footprint-to-building space ratio. What does that mean? More gardens, more open areas.

The floor plans are expected to be efficient. The structures are of the best quality, because world-class construction techniques are applied in the development of every DMCI Homes project. This is all because DMCI, the mother company of DMCI Homes, has an impressive 50-year track record in the construction industry. DMCI Homes also provides a one-year quality warranty that covers repairs, free of charge, on any defects in the workmanship of your unit.

Not only that, but you and your family will be assured of safety with a 24-hour security service, a gated entrance, and a perimeter fence. For everyday living, you’ll be happy to know that there are overhead water tanks, deep wells, and underground cisterns for your water and plumbing concerns. How about your laundry? Well, there’s an individual drying area at the roof deck. We almost forgot! You’ll have provision for CATV and telephone lines. Tired from your daily drive? Don’t worry. There’s also a covered bridge way connecting the residential building to the car park. Rain or shine, you’ll always be covered. Talk about perks!

If you’re concerned about aesthetics, you can choose from distinctively designed conceptual homes. Pick among first-class designed communities that range from Asian, Mediterranean, to Modern Contemporary styled communities.

Award-Winning Global Standards
DMCI Homes has the expertise to make dreams happen. We’re not surprised that DMCI Homes has had multiple awards! DMCI Homes has been awarded with the Readers' Digest Trusted Brand Gold from 2011 to 2016. It’s also an awardee of the BCI Asia Top 10 Developers. One of its developments, Arista Place, has been awarded the Urban Land Institute Healthy Places Award. These are just some of the awards DMCI Homes has gained. Talk about global standards!
But we’re not quite done yet. Our partners are Philips, EC Gas, PLDT Home, Nestle, Unilever, the Philippine Green Building Council, and BPI Family Savings Bank. So, you and your family shouldn’t worry about the best possible living amenities!

Where We’re Located
Perhaps you wouldn’t like to move away from Northern Metro Manila, where universities and government offices are. Our mid-rise condos are Accolade Place (our Asian boutique condo for resort living) and The Redwoods (also resort-themed). Our high-rises are One Castilla Place (our Modern Minimalist-themed enclave), The Celandine (with a single tower), and The Amaryllis (a one-tower, resort-themed property).

Looking for serenity in Makati? There’s Brio Tower (along the main thoroughfare of Makati and EDSA, resort-themed for suburban living), a high-rise condominium for you, with or without a family. Brio tower is DMCI Homes’ first ever Makati project. If you’re in Taguig, you might be able to consider another high-rise, Cypress Towers (with three towers nestled in prime land along C5). If you have a family, why not try Cedar Crest (with a gym, basketball court, function hall, and clubhouse) or Verawood Residences (a Polynesian inspired resort-style community), both mid-rise condos? If you’re in Pasig, you can opt for Levina Place (DMCI Homes’ Asian Boutique concept-themed residences), East Raya Gardens (a 2.9 hectare, Balinese-inspired community), or our newest development, Brixton Place (a two-tower vertical community in Kapitolyo). Not too far away in Mandaluyong are three high-rise condominiums: Flair Towers (developed with Lumiventt design technology for urban families), Tivoli Garden Residences (with lush Asian tropical gardens and patios), and Dansalan Gardens Condominiums (an 8000 sqm-property with open spaces and greenery).

If you’re located in Manila, Illumina Residences Manila (32-storey high-rise with T-shaped architecture) and Sorrel Residences (a one-tower high rise with commanding skyline views and resort-style amenities) might be for you. If you live in the bustling southern Metro Manila area, look no further. We have Arista Place (Asian tropical-themed condominium community), Oak Harbor Residences (the only waterfront community in Bay City), Calathea Place (with a lap and lounge pool, a fitness gym, a sky patio with Lumiventt Technology, and landscaped gardens), and Siena Park Residences (a medium-density condominium village)—all mid-rise properties in Parañaque City. If you’d like to live freely in high-rises, Raya Garden Condominiums (a Balinese inspired property) has both high-rise and mid-rise options. Would you like to live in Pasay? We have La Verti Residences (a two-tower high-rise located in between Makati and Pasay) and Fairway Terraces (an exclusive rustic, relaxing, resort-inspired condo). Perhaps you’d like living in Muntinlupa. Rhapsody Residences (Neo Asian-themed, resort-inspired residential condominium village) are mid-rise condos located there. How about Las Piñas? There’s Maricielo Villas (with Spanish Mission-inspired architecture) waiting for you.

We don’t only think about the hub of Metro Manila. We also have properties in Davao: Verdon Parc (for cosmopolitan, resort-style living), catering for both mid-rise and high-rise condo clients. In Baguio, we have Outlook Ridge Residences (a leisure residential development) ready for occupancy. Cavite has Alea Residences (a four-building medium-rise in Bacoor), a mid-rise condo property. In Laguna, we even have Willow Park Homes, a subdivision with an open lawn and picnic grove, a lap pool, a clubhouse, and a playground.

Getting Your Dream Home
Everything begins with a dream: dreaming to live closer to home, dreaming of a second home that fits your lifestyle, dreaming of a family home where you and your family can live comfortably. Start thinking of what you need, then balance it out with what you want to come up with the perfect picture of your dream home. Figured it out yet? You can use the DMCI Homes site to compare and contrast properties. You can even opt to look at our promotional material from our friendly sales agents.

Our properties are a vision of your dream. We have crafted each community with expertise. We refine every detail. We see to it that your dream home can be real. It all begins with reserving your property. Start by filling in forms like the Client Registration form that will be provided your Property Consultant. The Property Consultant will prepare a detailed Computation Sheet with a payment scheme applicable for your home purchase. Lastly, you will be requested to sign the Reservation Agreement, followed by settling your Reservation Fee.

Next, you’ll be choosing the payment scheme you’ll want to avail. Would it be cash, in-house financing, or external financing? These can be discussed to you by your accredited Agent.
Looking for the final step? It’s all about the documentary requirements. You can look for more information on the DMCI Homes website.

DMCI Homes wants to assure you of quality, even after you’ve moved in to your new space. Composed of seasoned professionals, a Property Management Group will handle the upkeep of our developments as well as your everyday concerns. You’ll have an initial orientation upon turnover for condominium living. You will also be assisted when it comes to utilities like the telephone and electricity. You won’t have to go to, say, PLDT or Meralco brances! The Group will also handle maintenance and assistance with works such as the installation of air-conditioning and curtains, as well as dealing with clogged drains. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of plumbing. You’ll be informed about the units and the important areas within the development, and there should be no trouble with transactions concerning the developer and following up your documents!

Expect turnover within six to twelve months! Our units are ready for occupancy and move-in. If you’d like to move into your unit and immediately enjoy the privileges of living in a DMCI Homes residential community, you can avail of a 20% down payment for a mid-rise. A 30% down payment will be available for a high-rise, however. Without the long wait, you can be sure that you’ll take pleasure in a resort living ambience right within your own backyard. You can even realize your condo unit’s earning potential sooner than you expected.

You’ll be receiving a DMCI Homes Homeowners kit upon turnover. You’ll be getting a “Feels Real Good to Know” flyer which will serve as your handbook to FAQs and concerns about your new community. For instance, what about the Association Dues? The Real Estate Property Tax? Will there be other assessments and other fees? How should I trust the quality of my unit? All these and more will be answered in your kit.

The DMCI Homes Experience
Whether you’re busy with work or busy with both work and family, you’ll be getting your cocoon of good living in no time. From Asian-inspired themes to modern contemporary to Spanish Mission-styled homes, we’ve got you covered. With our experience and our history, you’ll be getting your dream home soon.

Anthilla Properties Prices

DMCI Homes Condos: Significant Value for Your Money

Knowing the value of condominiums built by DMCI, is realizing how much your money’s worth, when you decide to buy one. Will you earn an enormous profit if you invest in these condos?
Apparently, the most probable answer is “yes”. You get your money’s worth with DMCI condos.

These are the reasons why:
1.    Condos built by DMCI are made of the highest quality of materials.

Throughout all the 60 years that DMCI developed condominiums, it has left a legacy of well-constructed, upscale residences that are crafted with the highest quality of materials. The durability of the buildings is unquestionable as they exist until now.

DMCI employed the Lumiventt Design Technology and the resort-theme to build homes that combine the serenity of nature with incredible modern designs.

DMCI guarantees that the condos are firmly structured and have strong foundations, which are not easily destroyed by natural calamities.

2.    DMCI has proven itself to be the major developer of homes and residences.

DMCI condos are found all over Metro Manila. Here are some of the condos DMCI built: Brixton Place, Lumiere Residences, Calathea Place, Levina Place, Infina Tower, Celandine Residences, Mulberry Place, Mirea Residences, Fairway Terraces, Sheridan Residences, Fortis Garden Residences, and many more.

Now, DMCI is building outside of Metro Manila; to Baguio City, Davao City, and Cavite City. Ultimately, there will be DMCI condos in key cities all over the Philippines.

3.    Resort-themed condos has become popular.

Because the condos are designed like a resort, it has become popular in the metropolis. The bustling city, the air pollution and the frenzied pace at work have made numerous people long for a holiday vacation in resorts.

The condos have made this dream come true. Now, people can go home and savor the refreshing cool waters of the pools, breathe in the invigorating air from the plants, and be able to exercise and stay healthy. Afterwards, they can sleep soundly in their nice and comfortable units.

4.    Facilities that come with the condos are awesome.

The facilities or amenities offered by the condos could provide various people of diverse interests. For sporty people, a play court is available, where they can play their favorite sports. There’s also a game room, for people who appreciate indoor games or sports.

For water-loving individuals, there’s a swimming pool for kids, and one for adults.

For people who simply want to de-stress and relax, they can enjoy these amenities: sky park, lounge areas, landscaped garden, palm promenade, roof deck and atriums. A picnic ground is also provided for those who want to eat outdoors.

5.    Security systems are tight and reliable.

The security systems of DMCI condos are unbeatable. A main gate with security guards prevents the entry of trespassers. An electrified perimeter fence is built around the compound, preventing burglars and intruders from entering the condos’ grounds.

If that’s not enough for you, CCTV cameras are installed in strategic locations to monitor the major areas of the community and detect any suspicious-looking persons. Quite stringent, don’t you think so?

On top of that, roving security guards are on duty 24/7; they patrol common areas to ensure that a tight and reliable security system stays in place.

Automatic fire alarms and sprinklers are installed in critical areas, which would warn residents of a fire outbreak.

6.    Major services and commercial centers are readily accessible.

DMCI took care to build the condos in locations where major services and commercial centers could be readily accessible. So, you don’t have to worry about these services. Generally, they are one trip away from the condos.

As for your basic needs, you don’t even have to venture outside of the condo’s compound. A convenient store is located inside the compound. A laundry station and a water station are available too. They are usually found at the ground floor, where everyone could quickly run to.

A mailroom is included in these in-house services provided by the condos. The condos’ communities have almost every necessity provided for.

7.    Condo prices are reasonable.

These are all high-end condos offered at competitive prices. These condos are ideal for young professionals, OFWs, and middle-income families. As long as you have a regular and stable source of income, you can afford the DMCI condos.

You could avail of a payment scheme that is suitable for your finances. Once you have decided to buy, an in-house agent would be assigned to you. He would help you choose the best alternative.

8.    Well-maintained condos.

The condos are well-maintained. The maintenance staff members regularly check on the cleanliness of the facilities, and work hard to keep the condos clean, safe and secure.

The condo community takes part in making sure that every resident follows the rules and regulations. They should learn how to be responsible when using the amenities.

You should cooperate and help in maintaining your place a paradise to live in.

9.    Ownership is perpetual.

Once you claim ownership of the condo unit, it would be yours until you decide to sell it. This would be to your advantage because you would no longer worry about constantly submitting real-estate related documents.

Ascertain that your ownership papers are notarized properly and are accomplished correctly. You may request the assistance of your personal lawyer.

Anyhow, the condo’s staff will see to it that you go through the process correctly, and that all your documents are valid.

10.    You could rent out or sell your condo units.

This is one primary advantage of buying DMCI condo units. You could rent it out, or sell it. The Property Management Office will help you in processing the pertinent papers required.

You could now gain from your investment, if you have purchased DMCI condo units as an investment.

When you lease the unit, you could earn a good monthly income, and when you sell it, you can earn from the increased value of your property.

Purchasing a unit from DMCI condos will benefit you tremendously. Your money won’t go to waste. Think of your money as an investment that you could earn from. Rest assured after a few months or years, you would profit tremendously from your investment.